Highlights of Cheery Blossoms in Japan 2019 (with tips)

Magnificient Obara Shikizakusa 2019: Enjoy watching the cherry blossoms in fall

Numerous tourists from throughout the globe check out Japan in the spring to delight in stunning cherry blossoms. Nevertheless, just a few people understand that remarkable cherry blossoms grow in fall in Japan. Right here do the intros of two types of cherry blossoms you can enjoy seeing in autumn 2019: Fuyuzakura & Shikizakura, and also where are the very best areas. Allow’s benefit from the opportunity to attend both fall leaves and also cherry blossoms at the exact same time.


It has the meaning that cherry blossoms in all periods in Japanese and the ideal time to see in November while blooming once in springtime. There are about 12,000 trees in the Obara area (小 原 町) in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. Don’t need a lot of luck, you can locate beautiful views blended with cherry blooms as well as autumn leaves. Obara District host the event Shikizakura Obara Shikizakusa on November.

Cherry Blossom Obara Shikizakura

Fuyuzakura (Winter cherry Blossoms).

Fuyuzakura, a wintertime cherry blossom, does likewise well-known for the cherry blossoms that bloom in between fall as well as winter season. Why not see Jomine Park (峯 公園)? It lies in Saitama Prefecture.  In 2019, you would appreciate the cherry blossoms of Fuyuzakura with the lighting in Jomine Park till the 4th of December.
Cherry Blossom Fuyuzakura
Consequently, I strongly recommend that you plan to see the cherry blooms in fall and also winter in Japan if unluckily you do miss the chance to see them in spring.

Likewise, there are 5 other ideal places to see cherry blooms in Tokyo.

Shinjuku Gyoen (御苑).

One of the most extensive public gardens, situated in the location of Shinjuku service Center.

Meguro River (目 黒 川).

Appreciate over 900 sakura trees along the river. The Cherry Blossom Festival takes location with lots of food businesses.

Chidorigafuchi (鳥 ヶ 淵).

The row in the moat bordered by many sakura trees on both sides of the Imperial Palace.

Ueno Onshi Park (shàng 野 恩賜 公園).

The park where you can delight in the gorgeous nature and the cherry blooms in all day whether it is night and day.

Sumida Park (隅 田 公園).

Walk down and explore the fantastic cherry blossom spots along the river bank.

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